This is the commitment of our management and staff to strictly adhere to ethical standards, quality and care in the delivery of work; and to ensure competence is matched with openness, empathy and respect in the discharge of our duties.


We are committed to always uphold and display honesty, transparency and accountability in the discharge of our research responsibilities.


As social scientists, we are committed to always ensuring methodological robustness and thoroughness in the approaches, methods and techniques applied in undertaking our research activities.


We are committed to the pursuit of truth, fairness and objectivity in discharging our research activities and reporting the results and findings of our work.


We are committed to remaining free from the interference of governments, political parties, commercial interests, trade unions and other pressure groups, in discharging our research duties and reporting research findings.


We committed to consistently striving to be the best at what we do; and in seeking new, better, creative and innovative ways of delivering quality and accurate results to our donors, partners and clients.

Sound Judgement

We commit to the application of common sense, perspicacity, and shrewdness in discharging our activities; in order to always meet and exceed the expectations of our donors, partners and clients.